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Can I Sue a Property Owner if I Slipped on Ice in Tennessee?


Adverse weather conditions – namely, ice and snow – contribute to numerous slip and fall accidents in Tennessee. If you have suffered a serious injury after slipping on ice, you may wonder whether you can file a premises liability lawsuit against the owner of the property where your accident occurred.

Contrary to popular belief, property owners are not automatically liable for all injuries caused by slipping on ice. That’s why it is highly advised to consult with a Nashville premises liability attorney to examine all the facts in your case to determine whether you can recover damages from the property owner.

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Common injuries caused by slipping on ice

A person may suffer a wide range of injuries as a result of slipping and falling on ice. Some of the most common injuries include:

  1. Muscle and ligament strains. While this type of injury is not as serious as other injuries on this list, it can take a long time to fully recover from the strain.
  2. Broken bones and fractures. It is not uncommon for victims of slip and fall accidents to suffer fractures and broken bones, which can require surgeries, significant medical expenses, and months or years of recovery and rehabilitation.
  3. Spinal cord injury. Spinal cord injuries as a result of slipping on ice are often associated with life-altering consequences, including the loss of body function, loss of movement, and paralysis.
  4. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Slipping on ice can cause traumatic brain injuries, which pose long-term and irreparable complications.

Filing a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner

When it comes to determining if you can sue a property owner for your injury caused by slipping on ice, it is vital to consider whether there was precipitation when the accident took place.

If the property owner could not have reasonably prevented the accumulation of ice or eliminated slippery conditions, you might not have a valid premises liability lawsuit.

However, if your slip and fall accident occurred during normal conditions and the property owner had plenty of time to remove the accumulation of snow or ice on their property, you might be able to sue the owner for your injury.

Contact a skilled premises liability attorney in Tennessee to help you prove that the property owner failed to use ordinary care to remedy the dangerous condition (accumulation of ice).

What evidence do you need to prove the property owner’s liability?

A Nashville premises liability lawyer will help you gather all available pieces of evidence to build a strong case and recover damages from the property owner whose negligence caused you to slip on ice and get injured. Some of the evidence that you can use to prove your case include:

  • Photos and videos taken at the scene of the accident
  • Security camera footage
  • Witness statements regarding the accumulation of ice on the property
  • Previous complaints about the accumulation of ice or snow
  • Medical records to document the nature and severity of your injury

Contact our detail-oriented and experienced premises liability attorney at Calhoun Law, PLC, to help you collect evidence in your case and sue the property owner for slipping on ice. Call 615-375-4773 to receive a consultation.

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