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Nashville DUI Accident Lawyer

In the past ten years, nearly 80,000 alcohol-related traffic crashes have been recorded by the Tennessee Department of Safety. Thousands of injuries and deaths occur in Tennessee every year because of drunk drivers. Drunk drivers are negligent or reckless drivers who can and should be held liable when their poor judgment results in serious personal injury or wrongful death in a car accident. In Nashville, Clarksville, Gallatin and Murfreesboro, the lawyers at Calhoun Law, PLC hold drunk drivers accountable to compensate car accident victims for the harm they have caused. Contact our Nashville DUI accident lawyers today.

Drunk Driving Causes Car Accidents, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Drunk or impaired drivers lack the ability to drive safely, to pay attention to their environment, and to react quickly and appropriately to any given situation on the road. Even after just one or two drinks, all of the following faculties necessary for safe driving are impaired to some degree:

  • Attention
  • Concentration
  • Information Processing
  • Judgment
  • Motor Skills
  • Perception
  • Reaction Time
  • Tracking
  • Vision

Drunk drivers cause car accidents through their inattention to the road, which can cause them to rear-end another car or drift out of their lane and sideswipe a vehicle in a neighboring lane, or even drive into oncoming traffic and cause a serious or deadly head-on collision. In addition to failing to react to traffic conditions, drunk drivers often overreact or overcompensate, causing accidents that otherwise could have been easily avoided. Our Nashville drunk driving/DUI accident lawyers can help.

Liability of Bar Owners in Tennessee

If the drunk driver got drunk at a restaurant or bar, or purchased the alcohol at a liquor store, can the store or establishment be held responsible for the harm caused by the drunk driver? The general rule in Tennessee is that the consumption of alcohol by the person is the legal cause of any harm that flows from it, and not the furnishing of alcohol to the person who drinks it. There are, however, a couple of exceptions under Tennessee law. If a person sells alcohol to a person known to be under 21 or to a person who is visibly intoxicated, the seller can be held liable for any injury or death caused as a direct result of the alcohol consumption.

In order to hold a restaurant, bar or liquor store liable in these situations, the plaintiff must prove to a jury of 12 persons beyond a reasonable doubt that the sale of the alcohol was the proximate (legal) cause of the injury or death. This is a very challenging burden of proof for the plaintiff, equivalent to what is required to convict a person charged with a serious criminal offense. Where applicable, however, the Nashville DUI accident lawyers at Calhoun Law, PLC will take this additional step to hold business owners and employees liable for their own negligence or bad judgment and maximize the compensation available to the accident victims.

Experienced Nashville Drunk Driving & DUI Accident Lawyers

When you are hit by a drunk or impaired driver, there are still many hurdles to overcome before you can receive compensation for your injuries. You must still be able to prove all the facts regarding the driver’s fault for causing the accident and the extent of your injuries, while fending off attacks from the insurance company trying to avoid liability by pinning some of the blame for the crash on you. It is still crucial to obtain the advice and representation of experienced and successful Nashville DUI accident lawyers who will take a personal interest in your case and stay with you from start to finish to see that you get the compensation you deserve. In Nashville and surrounding areas, contact Calhoun Law, PLC at 615-250-8000 for a free consultation with one of our drunk driving car accident lawyers.

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