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Dangers Of Driving While Sleep Deprived In TN


There are many reasons why some Tennessee residents do not get enough sleep. Some are so busy with work obligations and personal commitments that they do not make regular sleep a top priority. Others are unable to get the rest their body needs because they suffer from insomnia due to jet lag, depression, pain, hormonal shifts, or racing thoughts. And too often, people do not realize how dangerous sleep deprivation is, particularly when the exhausted individual is operating a motorcycle, car or truck on Tennessee roads and highways.

When drivers are sleep deprived, they are putting themselves and others at risk. If you believe your accident injury was caused by a reckless driver, talk through the possibility of a personal injury claim with a Nashville personal injury lawyer.

Drowsy Driving and Drunk Driving Share Similarities

It is commonly understood that it is illegal and irresponsible to get behind the wheel after drinking alcoholic beverages. But many do not realize that driving while sleep deprived carries similar risks. According to one study, if a person has not had any sleep over a 24 hour period, their driving abilities and skills have deteriorated to the same level as a person with a blood alcohol level of 1.0. The current blood alcohol limit in Tennessee is .08, so a driver who has not slept for a full day is just as dangerous on the road as someone who is legally too drunk to drive.

Steps you can take to avoid driving drowsy:

  • Pay attention to the signals your body gives you. If you feel tired, are continuously yawning, or find your eyelids feeling heavy, you need to pull over and rest if you are driving. Similarly, if you are preparing for a trip, pay attention to your body’s signals and postpone the journey.
  • Share the responsibility of driving. For long trips, trade off driving responsibilities with another licensed driver. Then, when one driver is feeling fatigued, a driver who feels fully rested can get behind the wheel.
  • Don’t lean too heavy on short-term solutions. Yes, caffeine-filled drinks such as coffee, tea and caffeinated waters can boost energy levels temporarily, they are short term fixes for a larger problem. If you are tired, you need to sleep.

And while you can take all the steps available to behave as responsibly as possible yourself, you can’t control the behavior of other drivers. Because of this, even if you only choose to drive when fully rested, you could still be struck by a sleep deprived driver and this type of accident could lead to you sustaining injuries and property damages. If this has happened to you, review your case with a Nashville personal injury lawyer.

Do you believe your accident injuries are directly related to a sleep deprived driver and their reckless behavior? Talk over the details of your situation with the skilled Nashville personal injury lawyers at Calhoun Law, PLC. Compensatory damages are a possibility when another was negligent. Contact us today and schedule a free and confidential consultation.

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