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Multiple Vehicle Accidents In Tennessee

Multiple vehicle accidents are one of the most catastrophic ways that motor vehicle drivers can be injured. Recently, a multiple vehicle accident occurred in Anderson County that resulted in eight people being hospitalized. The accident started when a motorcyclist drifted between lanes and ultimately collided with another motorcycle. Due to this motorcycle collision, traffic congestion was caused as other cars and motorcycles came to a stop. At least three other vehicles crashed when one motorist failed to stop for traffic. Tennessee law enforcement reports that at least eight other motor vehicles were involved in this collision. Unfortunately, several accidents involving multiple vehicles have occurred in Tennessee within the last year. Individuals who are involved in a multiple vehicle accident frequently benefit from retaining the services from a top Tennessee accident lawyer. There is also some important information that individuals should know about how multiple vehicle accidents occur in Tennessee.

Types Of Multiple Vehicle Accidents In Tennessee

Multiple vehicle accidents can occur in several ways. Some of the most typical ways in which these accidents occur include accidents in which one driver is pushed forward into another vehicle, accidents in which two vehicles crash into one another, and accidents in which a collision is pushed into another lane, which results in a collision with a third vehicle. No matter how a multiple vehicle accident occurs, these events frequently involve significant property damage and substantial injuries.

Common Causes Of Multiple Vehicle Accidents

There are a surprising number of ways in which multiple vehicle accidents can be caused. Some of the most common causes of multiple vehicle accidents include:

  • Adverse Weather Conditions. Weather conditions like fog, ice, or snow can quickly result in motor vehicle pile-ups.
  • Distracted Driving. Drivers who use cell phones to text or talk cause a number of motor vehicle collisions, which can lead to multiple vehicle accidents.
  • Driving While Intoxicated. Motor vehicle operators who drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol can cause multiple vehicle collisions.
  • Drowsy And Fatigued Drivers. Motor vehicle drivers who fall asleep while operating vehicles can cause unexpected events that lead to multiple vehicle accidents.
  • Excessive Speed. Speeding can result in many types of motor vehicle accidents. Motorists that fail to adequately follow behind other vehicles can also cause multiple vehicle accidents.
  • Police Chases. Motor vehicle pursuits that occur at high speed can result in vehicles that veer into oncoming lanes and quickly cause motor vehicle accidents.

Determining Liability For Multiple Vehicle Accidents

Insurance issues are often complicated when it comes to multiple vehicle accidents. In these types of situations, it can be particularly difficult to determine issues regarding fault and subsequently decide which motor vehicle drivers should be held responsible.

How An Experienced Tennessee Automobile Accident Lawyer Can Help

When multiple vehicle accidents occur, it can be challenging to prove exactly how the accident occurred or which parties should be held liable. If you have been involved in a multiple vehicle accident, do not hesitate to contact a skilled lawyer at Calhoun Law, PLC in Tennessee who knows how to thoroughly investigate matters and zealously fight on behalf of an accident victim.

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