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New Laws for Tennessee Residents

On July 1, 2016, a series of new laws take effect in Tennessee. Many of these laws are directed at better monitoring and decreasing the risks associated with automobiles. While perhaps the most noticeable law to come into effect is that wine will now be available in supermarkets, which might increase the number of drivers who drink while operating motor vehicles. As a result, all motorists are encouraged to remain more vigilant when driving than ever before. There are, however, other laws that are coming into effect that motorists should also be aware of:

  • Driving Under the Influence. Motorists who are convicted of driving under the influence can now be subject to a variety of monitoring including electronic monitoring with random alcohol or drug testing, global position monitoring, or other monitoring device necessary to ensure compliance with probation terms. This law was designed to prevent motorists who have been convicted of multiple DUI charges from falling through the cracks and to ensure that each group is sufficiently monitored. Other driving under the influence laws include the requirement that fingerprints taken during an arrest be sent to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation within five business days and that ignition interlock devices be used for drunk drivers unless a reason can be shown that the devices should not be issued.
  • Elena Zamora Memorial Act. This law changes the criminal penalties for failures to yield which result in substantial injury or the death of others.
  • Fast Lane. Motor vehicles are no longer allowed to drive in the left or fast lane of multilane divided highways without the explicit purpose of passing other motor vehicles. This law is being referred to as the “Slow Poke Law” and is designed to increase the speed of traffic lanes for motorists.
  • Fleeing from An Accident. Any motorist who attempts to flee or escape law enforcement in a motor vehicle will now receive a minimum of thirty days in confinement if convicted. If the flight creates a risk of death or danger to others then the sentence of confinement is extended to sixty days.
  • Texting While Driving. The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security’s research reveals that 51 automobile crash-related fatalities occurred last year due to distracted driving. In an effort to combat the high number of distracted drivers in Tennessee, the penalty for texting and driving is now considered a moving violation. On receiving a first offense citation for texting while driving, drivers in Tennessee must now complete a traffic education course.
  • Tyler Head Law. This law creates a memorial sign program for people who have died in accidents caused by someone driving under the influence.
  • Window Tints. Motor vehicles that are owned or leased by licensed private investigators or private investigation companies are no longer subject to restrictions regarding the darkness of window tints.

Nashville Accident Lawyers

As these news laws come into effect in the state of Tennessee, motorists should remember to comply with the new regulations. At Calhoun Law, PLC in Tennessee, our car accident lawyers are knowledgeable about the most recent changes to the law in Tennessee and are skilled at helping individuals who might have been injured due to the violation of one of these new laws.

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