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Rubbernecking And Auto Accident Injuries


People are curious by nature, so it is common for individuals to pay attention to something that catches their eye, but when you are driving a vehicle it is essential you keep your eyes and focus on the task of driving safely. It is an unfortunate reality that rubbernecking, the act of slowing down and staring at a scene outside of your car, is a form of distracted driving that can result in car wrecks and accident injuries.

After a rubbernecking accident in Tennessee, talk to a Nashville personal injury lawyer about the possibility of an insurance settlement. Accidents that lead to medical bills and wage loss can happen in an instant, but there are skilled attorneys to help you financially recover while you care for your physical health.

Causes of Rubbernecking Accidents and Resulting Injuries

When a driver is paying attention to something happening outside of their car, they could unintentionally rear end the car in front of them. This is true even if they believed they were being safe because they slowed down their speed. Rubbernecking accidents happen because the driver is distracted by what they are watching, so they don’t see the car in front of them, leading to rear-end crashes, or they swerve outside of their lane and sideswipe another car or cause an unexpected hazard for other vehicles, resulting in a multi-car crash.

Whether a Tennessee driver is traveling at a high or low speed, distracted driving can result in severe harm. Rubbernecking injuries could include any or all of the following:

  • Bone fractures
  • Cuts, scrapes, and bruises
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Concussions and brain injuries
  • Emotional distress

Personal injury compensation after a Tennessee accident, due to rubbernecking or another form of negligence, could include both economic damages and non-economic losses. Talk over your options with a seasoned auto accident attorney.

Use of Barriers by Law Enforcement

Police and other emergency workers are familiar with the risks of rubbernecking drivers, to cause accidents or slow traffic flow in dangerous ways. Because of this, barriers are sometimes used to block an accident on the side of the road from view. Then, drivers won’t be pulled into looking at the crash and emergency responders can get in and out of the area as needed.

While it is normal to be curious, remember to pay attention to the road when driving a car. And if an accident does occur, because of your distracted behavior or a rubbernecking driver, connect with a Nashville personal injury lawyer to be sure you are protecting you from paying large bills another is responsible for settling.

Are you recovering from a rear-end accident caused by a rubbernecking driver? Have a conversation about your recovery options with the skilled personal injury lawyers at Calhoun Law, PLC. Because our Nashville attorneys have years of experience securing favorable outcomes for clients, the full value of your claim will be fought for, every step of the way. Major insurance companies have their own legal teams, you need a lawyer working for your best interests. Get in touch now to schedule your free and confidential consultation.

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