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Stormy Weather Accident Risks in Nashville


There are unique challenges that adverse weather conditions pose for drivers in the Nashville area. All road users should be focused on taking care to prevent weather-related collisions during storms. Additionally, there are car maintenance steps to help you stay safe, such as making sure you have tires with adequate tread and that wiper blades are effective before bad weather hits.

When weather-related accidents occur, expenses can add up fast. If you are worried about the financial burden of a recent collision, seek compensation guidance from a Nashville personal injury lawyer. Skilled attorneys can navigate the complexities of insurance claims, investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident, and advocate for settlements that fully cover your medical expenses and property damage.

Storms Impact Road Safety

With its diverse climate, Nashville experiences a range of weather conditions. Some of this weather makes driving challenging. Wet weather can create traffic issues, so drivers need to be aware of specific risks associated with adverse weather and take proactive steps to mitigate them.

One rainy weather risk that can lead to severe accidents is hydroplaning, a word that refers to a situation where a vehicle loses traction on a wet surface. Basically, a thin layer of water builds up between the tires and the road, which causes the vehicle to lose contact with the pavement. Vehicle operators can reduce the risk of hydroplaning by making sure their tires aren’t too worn. Tire tread depth is key for channeling water away from the tire’s contact surface, bald tires increase hydroplaning risks.

Along with regularly checking tire tread depth and ensuring tires are properly inflated, drivers should be sure they have functioning wiper blades. Faulty blades can hinder a driver’s ability to see clearly, leading to accidents. In addition to vehicle maintenance before a storm, the following suggestions can also help to keep TN drivers safe when wet weather arrives.

  • Reduce speed. Slowing down during bad weather allows for increased stopping distances and better control of the vehicle.
  • Use your lights. Turn on headlights to increase visibility, especially in heavy rain or low light conditions.

Have an Experienced Driver Take the Wheel

Everyone should also recognize that inexperienced drivers may struggle to navigate adverse weather conditions. If a driver lacks experience and a storm blows into town, a seasoned driver should take over driving, if possible. Another alternative is to delay the trip until conditions improve or pull over and wait out the storm.

Hydroplane accidents may involve multiple factors, including road conditions, tire maintenance, and driver behavior. A Nashville personal injury lawyer can conduct a thorough investigation to identify liability and pursue a fair settlement.

Could you use advice on how to pursue justice after an accident due to a hydroplaning driver? Tennessee injury lawyers have the skills you need. They will share compensation options with you and thoroughly investigate the causes of the accident so liability can be established. Talk to the lawyers at Calhoun Law, PLC, to learn more. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation.

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