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Bright Sun, Glare, And Car Collisions

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

It is well understood that part of safe driving is clear vision. Obstructed sightlines and drivers with poor eyesight who are not wearing their corrective lenses can lead to collisions and accident injuries, but those aren’t the only vision considerations. Glare from the sun can be very dangerous when it blinds drivers. Even a… Read More »


Apartment Leases And Premises Liability

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

When people sign an apartment lease, they are often optimistic. After all, they wouldn’t be agreeing to the terms of the lease if they did not want to call the apartment home. A lease is a legally binding agreement that states how long the tenant will be renting the apartment and how much they… Read More »


Bicycle Accidents Injuries And Financial Recovery

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

Riding a bicycle is a fun way to get out and enjoy the mild Tennessee weather and take in the sites of Nashville. Additionally, you will be getting exercise, saving money by not buying gas and reducing your personal carbon footprint. There are many pros to bike riding, but the reality is serious injuries… Read More »


Gathering Witness Accounts After An Accident

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

After a collision in Nashville or the surrounding area, there are a range of elements that may be necessary to build a strong personal injury case. Witness accounts, when they are available, can be a great way to establish your right to damages as the law often views third party statements as neutral assessments… Read More »


Fender Benders And Personal Injury Claims

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

A fender bender is a term used to refer to a car accident that is minor, meaning it happened at a low speed and generally resulted in no injuries, or very minor ones, and a low level of vehicular damage. While fender benders are a common type of vehicular collision, they can still cause… Read More »


Ambulance Rides After An Accident Injury

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

After a car crash or a slip and fall accident within a Tennessee business, someone at the scene may call an ambulance. If this happens, you may be wondering if an ambulance is required. But in reality, even if you do not believe you are seriously injured, another may have noticed your injury is… Read More »


Dog Bite Injuries And Medical Expenses

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

Having pets is common, in Tennessee and throughout the country. Animals, such as dogs and cats, can be furry members of a family household. But if dogs are not trained properly, they may attack strangers, and dog bites can lead to the need for medical care. For example, the Center for Disease Control and… Read More »


Road Rage Drivers In Tennessee

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

The state of Tennessee is one of the top 10 in the nation for road rage shootings; it ranks fifth according to one report. Because of this, TN law is coming down on reckless drivers. The law is doing this by deeming road rage drivers as reckless, meaning that road ragers face legal consequences,… Read More »


5 Ways To Strengthen Your TN Accident Claim

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

If you were hurt in a vehicular accident or a slip and fall event, you may be eligible for personal injury compensation, but part or the process is often proving your need for financial recovery. Because of this, you will need evidence that your injury requires medical care, receipts for out-of-pocket fees, and lost… Read More »


Be Aware Of Social Media Use

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

When fighting for financial compensation following a Tennessee accident injury, you need to take every step you can to strengthen your claim. While accident victims are not always familiar with the intricacies of personal injury law, most have a good understanding of the role of offense and defense when it comes to sports. Similarly,… Read More »

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