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Can You Hold a Hotel Liable for Your Injury During a Vacation?

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

Under Tennessee’s premises liability law, hotel owners are legally required to protect their patrons and guests from preventable injuries. While some hotel accidents occur due to the guest’s carelessness, other hotel-related injuries happen because the owner or their employees were negligent. If you can prove that the hotel management or its staff failed to… Read More »


How to Prove Distracted Driving in Tennessee?

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents and deaths on U.S. roads. If you were involved in a car crash involving a distracted driver, you might wonder how you can prove a distracted driving claim in Tennessee. The practice of driving a car while engaged in another activity, which usually… Read More »


What Are the Long-Term Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury?

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

Typically, a person who sustains a traumatic brain injury in a car accident or any other accident is entitled to higher personal injury settlement amounts compared to those with less severe injuries. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) entail serious consequences and long-term effects, which is why TBIs are associated with sizable settlements for victims. A… Read More »


Can Pedestrians Be at Fault in Accidents When Being Hit by Vehicles?

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

When there is a bicycle or pedestrian accident, most people generally assume that the car driver was to blame for the collision. It is true that motorists are responsible for a large percentage of crashes involving pedestrians. However, in some cases, pedestrians can also be at fault. If you are a car driver who… Read More »


Liability in Skydiving Accidents in Nashville, Tennessee

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

It is true that skydiving fatalities are very rare, and yet the risk of injury can be quite high, especially if the skydiver is not experienced enough or their equipment is faulty. Skydivers and paragliders are exposed to the risk of spinal cord injury and other severe injuries. When a skydiving accident occurs, and… Read More »


Can You File a Coronavirus Personal Injury Lawsuit for Transmitting the Disease?

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

In this time of “safer-at-home” and stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and quarantines, people are wondering whether they can sue another person for transmitting the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Some people may argue, “If you can sue another individual for giving you STDs, it makes sense that you should be able to file a lawsuit over… Read More »


Tennessee Supreme Court Upholds a Law Capping Non-Economic Damages

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

A Tennessee Supreme Court upheld a state law capping personal injury damages, reversing rulings in two lower courts. The 2011 law, which was enacted nine years ago as part of Tennessee’s tort reform package, caps non-economic damages for disfigurement, pain and suffering, and reputation damages at $750,000. The ruling came after a lawsuit in… Read More »


Things You Need to Know About Car Insurance If You’ve Been in a Car Accident

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

Car or auto accidents can be fatal or lead to serious injuries and damage to the vehicle. This is why most states require you to carry valid car insurance with you to be able to drive on state highways, roads, and federal interstates. However, when it comes to receiving an accident claim, even if… Read More »


Car Accidents and Child Injuries

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

Infants or children less than 12 months old are found out to be most vulnerable to accidental death according to recent research and its findings. The three most common reasons that lead infants or children up to the age of 14 to death is suffocation, drowning, and transportation. Did you know that children have… Read More »


Potholes Are Bad News for Tennessee Drivers

By Calhoun Law, PLC |

According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation, 2019 has been even worse for potholes than 2018, which was deemed “the worst year for potholes.” Last year, Nashville Metro Public Works had responded to some 5,122 potholes by February 25. By the same time in 2019, they had responded to 5,679 calls already. Unfortunately, potholes… Read More »

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